Thijs Bremeesch

Project I - cars image
Oct 2017
    Thijs Bremeesch
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Project I - cars

A little story

During my last year before college there was one task where we needed to create an advertisement for an existing brand. This commercial would then be published in a digital magazine. The brief was as simple as that.

I was looking for inspiration when suddenly a saw a nice car driving by... I would make an advertisement about a Jaguar car!

The result was this drawing that then faded into the image. To top it off, the car engine was roaring. Here you see the drawing as it was almost 4 years ago.

Project I

The goal is to keep drawing cars that I like, or that people ask me to draw. Maybe one day I sell these, I turn them into posters... For now, I just make these for myself and as a gift to others. Do you have a car in mind? Just send me the car and maybe I send you the drawing...