Thijs Bremeesch

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Jan 2020
Full project

A pink story


Think Pink Europe is a European organisation that fights breast cancer and raises the awareness. Their most important event is 'Race for the Cure'. This initiative takes place in more than 28 different cities throughout Europe. But they still want to grow the numbers! We analysed the question and this was the result:

"How can we encourage greater reach, target a new group and take the event to a higher level?"

Early stages

The first phase of this six-week assignment was research. Everything started with a competition analysis. Also, primary and secondary research told us that not every group is equally represented at 'Race for the Cure'.

We have determined our target group based on this data. These are young Millennials (gen.Y) that are currently 20 to 30 years old.

"We want to emotionalise people, activate people, and we want to inform them at the same time."

To achieve all of this, we decided that storytelling was the way to go. The experience is displayed in an interactive web-environment using the Three.js framework (JavaScript).


After dozens of tests, decisions were made regarding the illustration style. For each illustration research was done. This to visualise the story in the best way possible but also to be scientifically correct in our drawings.

UI-design was then based upon our illustrations. Colour palette was composed and rules were made. To give an example, no geometrical shapes was one of those rules.

For typography, we searched for a font that was both powerful and yet friendly looking. To emphasise the key message we chose to highlight parts with a red square. (There is always one exception on rules.) For our highlights we put our storytelling-character to the foreground. This was achieved by choosing a handwritten font for all the highlights.