Thijs Bremeesch

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen image
Jun 2019
    Frederik Cypers (frond-end)Anton Kindt (back-end)Jana De Valk (researcher)Thijs Bremeesch (designer)
Full project

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen


"How do we ensure that a wide target group gets in touch with the stories of the Opera Ballet Vlaanderen?"

The Opera Ballet Flanders must attract more people, they are struggling to find a new and younger audience! The current visitors are almost all baby boomers. They want to break open the walls of their buildings (figuratively) to reach new people and to show that opera and ballet is more modern than most of us think. None of the less, that Opera Ballet Vlaanderen is for everyone, not only for the high class!


Just like any project, we had to do some research. After the meeting with the client there was held a brainstorm and did primary and secondary research. This to find out all possibilities why people are not going to the theatre.

Even before the concept was fully decided, we studied already three performances of the upcoming season. Thanks to our pro-active work, we could use the studies for our final concept. To make these characters more strong we linked each of them to an archetype from Jungs.


Our solution for Opera Ballet Vlaanderen is bilateral.

- The first part is designed to create a connection between performances on stage and the user. This is done with 10 fast questions where in the end the visitor of the website is matched or linked to a character of a current play.

- Now that part one is over, the site will be in theme of your matched character. It gives you more explanation about why you have some similarities with this personage, in what play he or she stars and more. All of this will take (some) prejudices away and guide the user into the Opera Ballet Vlaanderens buildings. This second part of the website is in a ‘Three.js’ environment. Please do checkout the website to experience it all!

Design choices:

For this campaign there weren't any restrictions. We had a meeting with all involved parties and a short brief as starting point. After the brand board was made, we started searching on or own.

Opera and ballet are both art, often very modern art! With our target audience in mind there are some limitations to display this art. Therefore, we chose a sleek and modern visualisation for this website.

With little visual elements - for exception to the visible grid and the few images - typography is a very critical part of the design. Every screen composition is designed upon the grid, often only with typography and squire blocks filled with colour.