Thijs Bremeesch

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Nov 2020
    Thijs Bremeesch
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LINTOO projects


During my internship at MOQO, a brand agency in Belgium, I was trusted a website redesign for Lintoo, this company is a growing project developer.

The previous website became dated and could no longer fulfil the needs of Lintoo its high standards. This both UX and UI. The old site failed to communicate the projects, philosophy and style of the company to its visitors. This needed to change!


The filter is implemented to help users. This feature helps to search and find what they are looking for. A smooth UX benefits all parties, users and the client Lintoo.

The form is very straight forward yet elegant. Only the necessary is asked to reduce friction. However, the form did get a prominent role, this is because Lintoo values personal contact with their client.

Some parts of the website for example a history section, is an interesting place to change the users’ expectation. For Lintoo we didn’t only use a black background, we changed the scroll direction.

While scrolling down the users is seeing a timeline that is moving horizontal while they are scroll down.