Thijs Bremeesch

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Jan 2020
    Thijs Bremeesch


Who and what is eline-ceramics?

Eline-ceramics is a new ceramist atelier. She's a young ceramist ready to show her skills and pottery to the world! Eline — the owner of the brand — opened her own atelier in Veurne, a small picturesque city near the coast in Belgium. Her goal is to make beautiful and yet functional decor pottery. Everything is made with her own hands, no moulds of whatsoever! Due to this hand craft she always takes time to sit down with the client. During this informal chat Eline learns what the client likes and does not like. A carefully made clay object is the result. It's truly unique and personal!


Eline-ceramics will have a total branding, what you see here is only the start! Because of this working-process - when the client is not concerned about deadlines - it is a blessing to work for.

This approach has countless positive effect for the client! We have the luxury to put small bits of the branding into the world. When we release a new part, people give their unbiased opinion (without even asking them) about the visual design of eline-ceramics! With all that honest feedback, the design grows into a strong branding that will carry eline-ceramics to a higher level.